Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Three wars we have misconceptions about 2. The American Civil war was because of slavery

        If you ask most people today what caused the American civil war, the answer you'll get from most people is "slavery". With all due respect to those that have that view, I have to disagree with them. The war  between the Confederate army and the Union army was not fought mainly over slavery and without slavery there would have still been a war between the Northern states (Union army) and the Southern states (Confederate army).

           The Civil war is one of the most important historical events in American history. While the American Revolution gave the Americans independence form British. The civil war of 1861-1865 ensured that the United States of America will be an indivisible nation with a sovereign national government. In my opinion the wars was inevitable because of the political and cultural differences between the North and South. In the words of the former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill who "the war between the North and South was one of the most unpreventable wars in history".
        There were a lot of political reasons that made Confederate States secede from the Union. These reasons include unfair tariffs on southern states, the control over western territories like Kansas, slavery, etc. The South after a while felt that the North was taking advantage of them for their natural resources like cotton, timber, etc (sounds familiar Niger-Delta Avengers) and that the Northern central government was over-reaching into their internal issues in their policy enforcement.
         The emancipation proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln went into effect on January 1st 1863. This order freed all the slaves in territories currently rebelling against the United States, that is in areas the U.S had no authority to free slaves. This in the modern day would be if the United States announcing that the new leader of North Korea is Lady Gaga (although let's face it, she'd make a better ruler than Kim Jong-Un ) but they don't have the authority to do that. He specifically exempted states that had been recaptured like South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana from the proclamation. He also exempted  border states like Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri from the proclamation. He essentially said that those blacks behind the confederate line if they could manage to escape from the Confederate states would be free. This prompted a massive exodus of blacks towards the Northern side and the South in turn, had to take up all kinds of precautions to prevent this from happening and the result of this was the North gets measurably stronger while the South gets weaker.

    Lincoln may also have issued the proclamation in order to shift the focus of the war from union to slavery, to prevent the British from recognizing the Confederacy. Arguably the Confederacy's best chance to win the civil war was to get some kind of foreign recognition and patron. This made Britain the likeliest choice as it was very dependent on Confederate textile. Britain had already abolished slavery and it is the historic source of abolitionist sentiment (not bad Lincoln,not bad). This meant that Britain had to look elsewhere like India, Egypt, etc while the South was left alone.
      Although the war is talked about and remembered a lot in the United States, what people pay a lot of attention to is the war itself that is the battles in different places like Gettisburg and the body count in the world. Most times it's the media that talk about the civil war and they do take creative licence in reacting it.


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