Thursday, 17 November 2016

Comments about Chimanda Adichie's debate on BBC Newsnight.

There has been a lot of controversy about this Chimanda Adichie interview. I finally watched the full video thanks to an amazing friend and here are a few points I have concerning the interview. This is actually a reply to her comments on the video.

1. The man(R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr) saying she looks at things emotionally is right, you see as she described her feeling after the election, showing how emotionally invested she was. Now this is not a bad thing and the man never called it a bad thing but let's be honest, emotions do cloud our judgment and block the rational part of our brain.

2. Her calling Trump a pathological liar shows she does not really know HRC. You can check out my article I wrote months ago to show that HRC might probably be described clinically as a pathological liar Now Trump does tell lies, but you can't really compare the two on that front.

3. This her stance on the KKK issue is very funny. Would you also say that President Obama is a black supremacist because the Black Panters, a black supremacist group endorsed him? Yes, the KKK might have endorsed him because they like his policies but let's remember racism has to do with motivations, as in what are the motivations for your actions. Let me explain further I'm against the affirmative action programs because I think the people who "benefit from it eventually suffer because they are obviously not ready for that class which they are being promoted to, and that's why they failed the qualification exam for that class. Someone might be against it for racist reasons, if the person endorses me does that mean I'm a racist?

4. This her point of saying Trump might be racist although he got some votes of the "minority" groups (I hate that phrase), is valid to a point but let's realize something, there was an increase in the percentage of minority voters who voted for Trump inspite of the President, HRC, every single establishment media company (except Fox news) labeling him a racist. Now let's realize something, Trump likes to fight and he likes to fight dirty, he does that with both whites, blacks, male, female, etc. Please can you point me to a something he did or said which shows that he thinks that he's better than somebody simply because of their race or ethnicity? Let’s also realize something, people who have been friends with Trump, people who knew the guy before he planned to run for office have come out and said that he's not racist, e.g. Mike Tyson(black), Larry King (highly Liberal) Piers Morgan (highly liberal and has criticized a lot of Trump policies), Arsenio Hall, etc. Remember Paul Ryan is a politician and would do almost anything to keep his job, if he thinks Trump is an actual racist why then is he supporting him now apart from political gains.

5. There now comes the infamous you can't have an opinion on this cos your white....need I say more.

6. The Mexican judge thing, that's an example of Trump’s mudslinging and people using it to play the race card. He didn't say the reason the judge can't adjudicate his case is because of the fact that Mexicans can't adjudicate properly. All he said is that since some of his policies would adversely affect Mexico, that the judge is biased against him because of his love for his ancestral ethnicity. BTW a lot of people, especially liberals say that same thing about Jewish Americans, calling them crazy Zionists, who can't be objective about Israel because they are Jewish. I hope you call those people racists too.

7. Sorry I know you thought this might change my mind but unfortunately it didn't. This is coming from a guy who was a staunch never Trumper during the primaries and most of the general election period. I don't agree with a lot of his policies which I've criticized a million times but I've never taught he was racist or misogynist or homophobic or trans-phobic

You can watch the full interview on YouTube by clicking this link.

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