Friday, 23 December 2016

Letter to my fellow Deltans

My fellow Deltans and our gratitude to the Thief who stole our phone but was benevolent enough to gift us our sim.
The idea that a leader can take care of people by distributing a part of state resources as though it is his personal wealth to those he likes in return for their loyalty while keeping the lion share to himself, qualifies him to be celebrated goes on to say we endorse being robbed of our phones, so long as our thief would be benevolent enough to give us the sim card. Does Benevolence make a crime any less repulsive?
I agree with my friend Favourite, One mistake we make in this country is thinking it's the government’s responsibility to take care of us by doling out free cash or fixing us in positions. The government fundamental responsibility is ensuring we live in a safe environment with a fair chance at earning a living and a fair access to opportunities and welfare. If a Governor gives you a job, he has failed, because his job is to create a fair chance for u to secure a job without having to know anybody. If there is a contract you got and were the most qualified for and are certain you wouldn’t have landed it without the president's influence, then there is a problem because good governance is about creating a chance for everyone weather loyal or not, weather supporter or opposition! I understand the reality of our society has boxed us into being grateful for "at all at alls", but we must be careful not to let them make us think we don’t deserve better, they engineered the conditions that made things so bad that we have to be grateful for a chance to be loyal
The danger of corruption is that it denies us of a fair chance to prosper, in short it makes mockery of hard work and sets no clear merit based criteria for success and this is the reason you find so many intelligent young Nigerians leaving the country cos hard work doesn’t pay here and making it is by accidentally colliding and colluding with a helper, usually a politician. Corruption takes the money of all and gives it to some persons in return for their loyalty, it is not a selfless act, it is all to enable the thief consolidate his hold and stay perpetually in charge. This is not a sustainable means to grow and it cannot do as much as the accountable distribution and utilization of resources [as seen in the nations we run to] would.
Of course I understand that many supposed saints have stolen more and didn’t do one tenth of what some thieves did, heck even the thief's successors who are bigger thieves didn’t do anything for us, we forget those thieves were also enthroned by the benevolent thief and probably discovered there was not much money left after having to settle our benevolent thief and his boys, as such stole what was left for themselves and their own boys. Being benevolent cannot right stealing, what is right is having both your phone and sim, it is yours, you shouldn’t have to be grateful for been giving a sim, you should curse the thief for taking your phone.
My brother Ena Ofugara has opined that every region has its thieves and history has shown that other regions celebrated their thieves but that is inconsequential, we cannot allow a disease to kill us simply because others were ignorant enough not to treat theirs. What we should do is sensitize others to denounce their thieves too. Unless we are trying to suggest we deserve corrupt leaders and need a bill that ratifies it. It doesn’t get any worse than this.

By a good friend of mine, IK Ojogan.

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